·       Alt+Left or Alt+B – Move to the beginning of word

·       Alt+Right or Alt+F – Move to the end of word

·       Cmd+Left or Ctrl+A – Move to the first character of the current line

·       Cmd+Right or Ctrl+E – Move to the end of the line

·       Cmd+Up – Move to the top of the file

·       Cmd+Down – Move to the bottom of the file

·       Ctrl+P – Go up a single character

·       Ctrl+N – Go down a single character

·       Ctrl+B – Go left to a single character

·       Ctrl+F – Go right to a single character

·       Ctrl+G – Go to a certain line

·       Cmd+R – Jump to a symbol such as a method definition

·       Cmd+Shift+R – Search for symbols across the project

·       Alt+Cmd+Down to go to and Alt+Cmd+Up to return from the declaration of the symbol under the cursor


·       Shift+移动快捷键

·       Cmd+A – Select the entire contents of the file

·       Cmd+L – Select the entire line

·       Ctrl+Shift+W – Select the current word


·       Cmd+J – Join the next line to the end of the current line

·       Cmd+Ctrl+Up/Down – Move the current line up or down

·       Cmd+Shift+D – Duplicate the current line

·       Cmd+K Cmd+U – Upper case the current word

·       Cmd+K Cmd+L – Lower case the current word

·       Ctrl+T – Transpose characters. This swaps the two characters on either side of the cursor.

·       Ctrl+Shift+K – Delete current line

·       Alt+Backspace or Alt+H – Delete to beginning of word

·       Alt+Delete or Alt+D – Delete to end of word

·       Cmd+Delete – Delete to end of line

·       Ctrl+K – Cut to end of line

·       Cmd+Backspace – Delete to beginning of line


·       Cmd+Click – Add a new cursor at the clicked location

·       Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down – Add another cursor above/below the current cursor

·       Cmd+D – Select the next word in the document that is the same as the currently selected word

·       Cmd+Ctrl+G – Select all words in the document that are the same as the currently selected word

·       Cmd+Shift+L – Convert a multi-line selection into multiple cursors


·       Cmd+F – Search within a buffer

·       Cmd+Shift+F – Search the entire project